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 From my files from 2007

The reference and book are in EEBO.

More from what Countess Alys mentioned:

Murrell, John, 17th cent.
/A daily exercise for ladies and gentlewomen

To Make Snakes, Snailes,Frogs, Roses, Cherries, &c.
eventually after telling one how to use moulds on what would be page F3r
it reads
"but if you will make Roses you must make them of Sugar plate paste
(mentioned in the fourescore and one receipt) rowled verie thin, & then
you must cut the leaves single with an instrument of tynne made for the
purpose, & then fasten one leafe upon another, as in the last receipt
was shewed, and stick them on the top of a birchen-twig, pilde
and dipt in the fat, and they will be white Roses, but you may colour
them as
is else-where shewed. In like manner, you may make Burrage,
Cowslips, Primroses, stock Gilliflowers, Marigoldes, &C. keepe them  

To make Shooes, Slippers, Keyes, Knives, Gloves, &c.
All these and such like things, you may make of Sugar plate paste, cut  
with your knife, but fashion & finish them only with your hand and
pincers, but
if you want handines, or have no leisure, then you must have mouldes of
and having fitted your paste, cut it with the mouldes, drie them
leysurely, &c.

I suspect that this was part of the SCA Cooks List archives at one time.

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