[Sca-cooks] Food network and plagiarism

Mercy Neumark mneumark at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 17 12:32:58 PST 2012

I find the whole plagiarism thing a little crazy.  There are only so many ways to make pie dough or so of the basic foods and there have been thousands (millions?) of cookbooks that have been published over the years.  I think it gets stupid after awhile to sit and watch that stuff, especially if you really watch what Ina and Martha (using them for example) have done... their recipes remind me a lot of the Betty Crocker recipes from the 80's.  It's not like we can pin point a lot of that unless you had someone that specifically had the issue in hand.

I sort of found it more interesting how Chef Robert Irvine could make claims about working for three US Presidents and the Royal family yet, he's still working for Food Network.  Anyone else that basically lied on their resume would have been fired and never to be rehired.  But no... this is TV.   


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