[Sca-cooks] Cookie cutters

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Fri Feb 17 18:50:39 PST 2012

>46. Take a dough/ of a type you make Turten 
>from/ roll it out nice and thin/ and cut an 
>eagle or a heart out/ brush it with rosewater/ 
>and sprinkle it with crushed white sugar/ push 
>into the oven/ and bake it/ and stay with it/ 
>till it is baked/ because it burns quickly/ give 
>it cold to the table/

Just before that is a recipe that says to cut it 
round, like an eagle or a heart.  (This one is my 

Turten 43. Nim~ ein Turten Teig/ treib jn dünn 
auß/ vnd beschneidt jhn fein rundt/ wie ein Adler 
oder wie ein Hertz/ mach ein Kräntzlein rundt 
herumb/ scheubs in Ofen vnd backs/ thu es wider 
herauß/ vnd nim~ gebratene Epffel/ die durch ein 
Härin Tuch gestrichen/ vnd fein mit Zimmet vnd 
Zucker angemacht seyn/ streichs vber den gebacken 
Teig/ besträw es mit kleinem Confect/ vnd gibs 
zum Obst kalt auff ein Tisch.

Take a tart dough/ drive it out thin/ and cut it 
nicely round/ like an eagle or like a heart/ make 
a little wreath around it/ shove it in the oven 
and bake it/ take it out again/ and take roasted 
apples/ that have been strained through a hair 
cloth/ and are mixed nicely with cinnamon and 
sugar/ spread over the baked dough/ sprinkle with 
small comfits/ and give it for the fruit (course) 
cold on a table.


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