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I wonder if this is what Rumpolt had in mind:



> Rumpolt has recipes that call for a brass "model"
> or pattern, that you dip into batter and fry.  My
> mother in law used to make cookies like that
> every Christmas.
> Gebackens 5. Mach ein Teig mit Wein vnd Eiern an/
> oder mit lauter Milch. Stoß den Messing Model in
> heisse Butter/ daß er warm wirt/ truckne jhn wol
> ab/ stoß das Eisen in Teig/ daß er nicht vber das
> Eisen gehet/ halts gegen dem Feuwer/ daß fein
> trucken wirt an dem Eisen/ vnd wenns trucken ist/
> so stoß flugs in heisse Butter/ so wirt der Teig
> vom Eisen lassen/ backs geschwindt auß/ legs auff
> ein Bret oder Sib.
> 5. Make a dough with wine and eggs/ or with clean
> milk. Push the brass mold (pattern) in hot
> butter/ so it becomes warm/ dry it well/ push the
> iron in the dough/ that it does not go over the
> iron/ hold against the fire/ that it will dry
> nicely on the iron/ and when dry, then push
> quickly in hot butter/ like this will the dough
> leave from the iron/ fry quickly/ lay on a clean
> board or sieve.
> There are also recipes that call for a Rädtlein
> or little wheel to cut dough, like a pastry
> cutter.  It could be used for simple shapes for
> cookies or cakes.
> Ranvaig
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