[Sca-cooks] Cookie Cutters

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Fri Feb 17 17:39:15 PST 2012

Rumpolt has recipes that call for a brass "model" 
or pattern, that you dip into batter and fry.  My 
mother in law used to make cookies like that 
every Christmas.

Gebackens 5. Mach ein Teig mit Wein vnd Eiern an/ 
oder mit lauter Milch. Stoß den Messing Model in 
heisse Butter/ daß er warm wirt/ truckne jhn wol 
ab/ stoß das Eisen in Teig/ daß er nicht vber das 
Eisen gehet/ halts gegen dem Feuwer/ daß fein 
trucken wirt an dem Eisen/ vnd wenns trucken ist/ 
so stoß flugs in heisse Butter/ so wirt der Teig 
vom Eisen lassen/ backs geschwindt auß/ legs auff 
ein Bret oder Sib.

5. Make a dough with wine and eggs/ or with clean 
milk. Push the brass mold (pattern) in hot 
butter/ so it becomes warm/ dry it well/ push the 
iron in the dough/ that it does not go over the 
iron/ hold against the fire/ that it will dry 
nicely on the iron/ and when dry, then push 
quickly in hot butter/ like this will the dough 
leave from the iron/ fry quickly/ lay on a clean 
board or sieve.

There are also recipes that call for a Rädtlein 
or little wheel to cut dough, like a pastry 
cutter.  It could be used for simple shapes for 
cookies or cakes.


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