[Sca-cooks] Saint George and the Dragon

James Prescott prescotj at telusplanet.net
Sat Feb 18 10:11:23 PST 2012

Casteau's _Ouverture de Cuisine_ (published 1604 but dealing with
period recipes) mentions sculptures of butter.  No description
of how they were made.

"There were four parks of two feet square, surrounded by a hedge
of butter.

The first was Adam and Eve made of butter, a serpent on the
tree, and a running spring, with small animals around the


At 8:56 AM -0800 2/18/12, Mercy Neumark wrote:
>  What I am looking for are foods I can sculpt easily that were done 
> in period. Clay-like foods. Almond paste/marzipan seems to be the 
> best and that piece looked very cool. Any suggestions to something 
> period would be appreciated. Thank you.
>  --Mercy

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