[Sca-cooks] A Rumpolt Milestone

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Sat Feb 18 23:39:30 PST 2012

>Would it be worth webbing your translation even before it's 
>complete? Rumpolt is a huge book, and 2/3 of it should include a lot 
>of interesting stuff.
>Also, if you can web both your translation and the original, linked, 
>readers who know German may be able to suggest alternate readings 
>and such.

Yes, there is a lot of interesting stuff.  It's been online at the 
Yahoo group, Cooking_Rumpolt, since I started in 2007.  (I needed a 
place to ask my stupid questions without drowning this list). It 
includes both my transcription and my translation, and a link to the 
facsimile, to check the transcription), to make it easy to check.   I 
have had help from quite a few people proofreading it over the years. 
(Thank you Gwen Cat and Katherine).

The work goes in spurts, and I post each group of recipes as I finish 
them.  It's also a backup, so I can't loose it all.


Anyone is welcome join and download the files, whether or not they 
join the discussion.    It's just a text file at this point.  It 
changes too often to link properly, although I plan to do that 


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