[Sca-cooks] Lent is coming!

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Sun Feb 19 00:05:32 PST 2012

>Do you have a period pretzel recipe?
>I ask because there's an Italian recipe that I think is either 
>pretzels or bagels, both of which are boiled and then baked, and a 
>comparison with a period pretzel recipe might help me figure out 
>which it is.

Rumpolt has recipes that might be pretzels.. or at least pretzel 
shaped.  And pretzel soup.

Gebackens 55. Take a fair flour/ pure egg yolks/ and a little wine/ 
sugar and anise/ make a dough with it/ roll it nicely long and round 
with clean hands/ and make little pretzels (Bretzel) from it/ shove 
in a warm oven and bake/ that you do not burn it/ but until nicely 
dry/ like this they also become tender and good. You might also take 
cinnamon with it or not. And one calls them Precedella.

Gebackens 57. Take sugar and rosewater/ let it boil well/ that does 
not become too thick/ stir grated almonds with the boiled sugar/ and 
make well thick from the fire/ and when you will take it full ways/ 
then take fair white ground sugar a spoon full or three/ and sprinkle 
it on the almonds/ take roll them with the hand nicely long/ and 
sprinkle with white sugar under and over/ that it doesn't stick to 
the hands/ and when you have rolled it out long/ then make small 
pretzels (Bretzel) from it/ shove them in a warm oven/ and bake them 
nicely long (slow?)/ like this it will be nicely white.  And one 
calls it precedella made from almonds.

Suppen 23. Take pretzels/ and soften them in salt water/ put them on 
a dish/ and sprinkle them with black raisins and ginger/ baste with 
hot butter/ like this it is also good. Or sprinkle it with Parmesan 
cheese/ and pour hot butter over it.


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