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> I'm looking for information on a recipe in 
> Rumpolt called Gesipff or Maniade.  A cold 
> Italian sauce of unripe walnuts and almonds, 
> bread crumbs, garlic, and broth.  It's given 
> twice, once for beef roast, once for capon.  I'm 
> not that familiar with the Italian corpus, does 
> anyone recognize this?
> Ochsen 53.  ...Vnnd man nennet es das weisse 
> gesipff/ auff Welsch Maniade/ is ein gut herlich 
> Essen/
> And one calls it white gesipff / in Italian called maniade/
> Kappaun 22.  ...Die Speiß nennt man auff Welsch Maniade.
> In Italian one calls this dish maniade.
> Ranvaig

This sounds similar:

Slavic Cooking Sauce or Serving Sauce: Garlic Sauce. Get good walnuts
and grind them; when ground, add in as much garlic as you wish; then get
a crustless loaf of white bread and soak it in broth, grind it again and
distemper it with broth; make up small bowls with pepper on top. If you
want it yellow, add saffron; if you want it peacock-blue, add black
grapes or cherries -I mean, their juice.

Note that in grinding walnuts, or even almonds, you should always add a
drop of fresh water or rosewater into the mortar as you grind.

[The Neapolitan recipe collection, (Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)]

- Doc

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