[Sca-cooks] another turkey picture?

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Feb 27 06:25:00 PST 2012

> Looks like turkeys. At this time the New World had been open for 90+ years
> so it is possible.

I would say "most likely" rather than possible.  Turkeys were being farmed 
over 30 years before this painting and their price was lower than any large 
bird in Europe.

> Also in front of the conceptual turkeys is a long gourd and a basket and
> between them is a greenish something. Bell pepper or small squash?
> aeduin

I would say neither.  The stem doesn't show the stellate shape of a New 
World cucurbit and it is longer than you would get on a pepper.  It might be 
a small gourd, but I'm more inclined toward guessing a small melon.  The 
reproduction isn't fine enough to be definitive.


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