[Sca-cooks] Eureka!! was-another turkey picture?

V O voztemp at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 29 13:49:32 PST 2012

I am pretty sure it is a turkey.
AND A Huge thank you!!!  You have just given me another "Clue" in my hunt for that darn Cheese!  
(The football shaped one that is in all those Aertsen Pictures!)
A different country, and a different painter.  It is kind of Conical so it actually could be the one that is still made today, Ocypeck (spelling? I will have to check on that) that is in that conical shape.  But it is in that football shape.  
Also in the other picture, of May, by the same artists, which shows cheese making.  
Awesome!!  Thanks!!

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Francesco Bassano, Market scene 1580-85. Lower right. Looks like a turkey.


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