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Thu Jan 5 17:28:29 PST 2012

Suey posted:
<<< When I published this recipe in my blog on December 23rd, I was  
of Stefan who since I have known him has been introduced to capers:
 >": >>>

Thanks. Interesting.

The recipe says:
<<< Strain the capers and pour them over the tuna. >>>

Okay, what is poured over the tuna? The capers? Or the water the  
capers are boiled in?

7/8 c capers? All I've seen are little jars of capers and the entire  
jar isn't anywhere near 7/8 of a cup! Or are these fresh capers? Which  
I've never seen?

<<< http://spanishfoodma.blogspot.com/2011/12/atun-blanco-13th-atlantic-tuna-with.html
I received the following comment about the recipe today:
> Exquisite simple and almost Italian (for the capers!) I think we
> should take care to choose not very strong capers (something a bit
> difficult in Spain where this pickles come usually very strong).
I never thought about the capers being strong or not. I've always
thought pickled capers are taste of capers when they come out of the  
Suey >>>

Which is strong? The vinegar? Or the resulting/original capers?   
Vinager in the US is almost always diluted to a 5% solution. Perhaps  
this isn't the case elsewhere?  Or the type of vinegar used would seem  
to greatly affect the strength of the pickle taste if that is the what  
is being talked about.


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