[Sca-cooks] Need (international) copyright advice

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Jan 16 20:14:06 PST 2012

>> Your translations of the original work are your work, presented under 
>> your
>> copyright.
> I'm not sure I can claim copyright, and I don't really care about
> that.  I just want to play with some recipes and share the results.  I
> am not looking to publish.
> Brighid ni Chiarain, OL
> MKA: Robin Carroll-Mann

Your copyright automatically exists with the creation of the work until the 
copyright is challenged and ajudicated as not existing.  Sharing the results 
of your work constitutes publication.  What you are producing is a 
non-commercial, scholarly work for limited distribution.  If you translate 
the entire text or a significant portion thereof, you may be technically in 
violation of the copyright, but it will fall under the civil statutes rather 
than the criminal ones and it will likely not even get you a cease and 
desist letter. Individual recipes are usually considered fair use and only a 
court can determine whether or not the accumulation violates copyright.

I wouldn't worry about translating the odd recipe.  If you want to do a 
complete translation, you can always request permission to trtanslate the 
copyrighted work.


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