[Sca-cooks] old recipes - experimenting with really old ones

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Jan 25 21:55:17 PST 2012

>speaking of old recipes and playing with your 
>food.... i made a savory stirabout this weekend 
>as an experiment for Known World Cooks and 
>Bards.  If I am talking about Early Irish Food, 
>I wanted to have more of a base in something so 
>simple and all present. 

This is recipe passed on to me, speculatively 
derived from Brehon law.  Unlike your stirabout, 
it is not stirred once the oats are mixed in, and 
it cooks as a solid pudding that you cut into 
wedges.  He suggests cream and honey, but berries 
are wonderful too.

Oat Pudding (Littiú) (Tigernach)
2 c coarsely ground oats (run lightly through a 
food processor), 2 c milk, 1/2 tsp salt or to 
taste, egg yolks (optional), butter
Heat milk to the simmering point without boiling, 
so that small bubbles form around the rim of the 
pot. Add oats and salt. If you wish to make it 
even richer, you can add the egg yolks, well 
beaten, to the mixture. Pour the mixture into 
greased bowl or fireproof dish, and set it, 
covered, by the fire for about 45 minutes, 
turning it regularly so that it cooks evenly and 
solidly. Or bake at 300°. As it cooks, it will 
pull away from the bowl a bit. It can be cut in 
wedges in the bowl, or turned out onto a plate, 
accompanied by rich cream and drizzled honey. The 
dish is described in books of monastic rules, and 
is prescribed in the Brehon law as the 
appropriate food with which noble hostages and 
foster sons are nourished by right.


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