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Oat Pudding (Littiú) (Tigernach)
2 c coarsely ground oats (run lightly through a 
food processor), 2 c milk, 1/2 tsp salt or to 
taste, egg yolks (optional), butter
Heat milk to the simmering point without boiling, 
so that small bubbles form around the rim of the 
pot. Add oats and salt. 
yes, i found this recipe when i first got interested in period
cooking... i believe i was reading an SCA-ish menu of a feast of Brian
I use this recipe (or rather adaption, no eggs) quite often and the
al-Barran folks quite like it.   i don't bake it,  i let it cool in a
bowl and turn it out like a bombe, and serve it with honey and cream to
drizzle.   may not be perfectly period, but its good with dried fruit
compote simmered in honey and wine. ;)
let's  just say most locals don't put oatmeal in a siege cooking basket
if they know i am playing.  i have done desserts, pancakes, soups, sides
and even casseroles with it.
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