[Sca-cooks] Still OOP/OT - Lemon Pie - was National Pie Day

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Thu Jan 26 12:05:50 PST 2012

Usually standard lard pie crust. Many had wood stoves. By sight was usually
how one knew when it was done. Meringue would be put on after baking the
filling and then put back into the oven to toast the meringue.


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Here is the recipe for the lemon pie.  My mistake - WWI and not WWII.  I
see that it doesn't tell you how to make a pie crust, what temperature to
cook the pie or for how long.  It also says to cover with meringue but
doesn't tell you how to make it or whether to bake it before or after the
meringue is added (from reading - it seems to add it after baking but the
picture shows it with a lovely brown color).  I guess in 1918 people knew
how to do these things without being told.

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