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Thu Jan 26 14:39:26 PST 2012

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>> The primary difference between beet and cane sugar
> These days there's also the issue of GMO. I understand that something like 
> 80% of sugar beets are now produced from GMO seed. I haven't heard 
> anything about that "technology" being applied to sugar cane. Ever since I 
> realized that, we've been strictly back to C&H. If I'm mis-informed about 
> sugar cane still being GMO-free, please let us know!
> chimene

The sequencing of the sugar cane genome was concluded a year or two ago and 
work is being done on a "new and improved" sugar cane that will produce 25 
percent more sugar.  It will probably be rolled out in Brazil for ethanol 
production to replace more petroleum.  It is estimated to be in full use 
there by 2020.

Sugar beets have been genetically modified to be glyphosate (Roundup) 
resistent.  They were deregulated by the USDA in 2005.  Reregulated by court 
order in 2010 (2008 environmental lawsuit).  The GM sugar beets are still in 
use under partial deregulation until the Environmental Impact Statement is 
issued (presumably in May of 2012).  For a general report, try this: 


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