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<<< Katherine wrote:

> I always find that blender ground powder sugar has a distinct sort of
> metallic taste (in different blenders even).  I wonder if I am  
> overheating
> the sugar.  Any pointers?

The store bought stuff is so much fluffier and good smelling.
Why is that?
Suey >>>

Since the commercial sugar has corn starch added to absorb moisture I  
assume that the freshly ground sugar, being hydroscopic, ie: absorbs  
water from the air, is already absorbing moisture and thus appears  
less fluffy.

As to the different types of sugar and their different names, we have  
had multiple discussions on this over the years of this list. There  
are differences between what the British call various types of sugar  
vs. what the Americans call them. Castor sugar anyone?

I have tried to put much of these discussions in this file in the FOOD- 
SWEETS section of the Florilegium, alhtough I can't remember us  
discussing metallic taste when making homemade powdered sugar instead  
of buying it in the store.

I tend to agree with Bear that the problem is probably not the sugar  
getting hot, but the heat vaporizing some other oils and such that  
remain from previous work. Such oils and/or aromatics would vaporize  
and spread long before the heat would affect the sugar. On the other  
hand, sugar will readily absorb scents and vapors. Hence, the  
intentional flavoring of sugar, even in period, by putting aromatics  
in or near it.

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For a file on intentionally flavoring sugar:
flavord-sugars-msg (8K)  3/27/05  Period flavored, infused sugars.

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