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> Does anyone have a comment about this?
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anneli-rufus/medieval-energy-bars-they_b_1229459.html
> Liutgard

Grumble, grumble. Candied citron is only available in Italy and too expensive? Hah! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we can buy lovely California-grown citrons and candy them ourselves (yes, i have done this). Plus at my favorite bakery, Crixa, the baker candies her own citron. What a pile of horse badorties.

And it isn't as if Panforte went away. Crixa sells slices of several different versions (with figs, with hazelnuts, etc.)

And haven't we on this list tried to locate an actual SCA-period recipe for Panforte or something like it with limited success and definitely not from the Crusades? And i am shocked, shocked i tell you, by the final sentence.

Grrr. Don't make me go on. Seems to be just more public medieval food mythologizing to sell product. At least she doesn't say they used spices to cover the taste of rotten meat. Thanks for small favors.

Someone sometimes known as Urtatim

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