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Urtatim said:
<<< Grumble, grumble. Candied citron is only available in Italy and  
too expensive? Hah! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we can buy  
lovely California-grown citrons and candy them ourselves (yes, i have  
done this). Plus at my favorite bakery, Crixa, the baker candies her  
own citron. What a pile of horse badorties. >>>

Yep, that struck me, too. Even here in central Texas plastic  
containers of candied citron spring up among all the other stacks of  
candied fruits at Yule time. I bought some last year, to see what they  
tasted like, having heard so much about citrons on this list. I wasn't  
impressed with them.  Sort of like chewing on chunks of latex although  
not quite so plasticy a taste. Similar texture.

<<< And haven't we on this list tried to locate an actual SCA-period  
recipe for Panforte or something like it with limited success and  
definitely not from the Crusades? And i am shocked, shocked i tell  
you, by the final sentence. >>>

panforte-msg      (20K)  5/15/10  A medieval Italian, sweetened,  
spiced dessert
                                      bread similar to fruitcake or  

(I have some more to add to this file. Now that it's come up again,  
I'll see about doing this as soon as I can. Principally a recipe and  
comments by Bear)

fruitcakes-msg    (38K)  6/12/09  Period fruitcakes. Recipes.


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