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No need. Thanks for the offer. After further checking I don't think PPC is going to answer the queries as posed. I also checked all the other essays by the Hymans that I own on the topic. (I think I have mentioned before that I am one of the original US subscribers of PPC and own one of the signed and numbered limited edition number ones. I sent a personal check off to Alan Davidson and he sent me one decades ago before they were all grabbed up. PPC originally was charity project to help buy and equip a lifeboat for use on the British coast. It was never intended to be a continuing publication. The complete set takes up a full shelf here.) 

Part of the trouble is that there is one extant known copy of Lancelot de Casteau's book. The only other recorded copy disappeared during the Napoleonic Wars. Leo Moulin is the editor of the modern facsimile that dates from 1983. How many of us in the Society own copies of that? Maybe a handful at best. 

I think that Pierre Leclercq's book may provide more clues as will a copy of Leon-E Halken. "Lancelot de Casteau". La Vie Wallonne 44 (1970) pp. 409-417. There's another paper that I will have to order too just to see what it says.

A Cultural History of Wallonia is coming out in September and it is supposed to talk about Casteau. It's in English. (Tie to revise the bibliography on the Low Countries.)

http://www.coquinaria.nl/english/recipes/10.6histrecipe.html talks about the potato question and Moulin's changed opinion. 
in English translation--
"The Belgian gastronome and writer Léo Moulin (1906-1996) wrote in 1983, in an article in the facsimilé edition of the Ouverture that these were recipes for potatoes. However, a few years later he revised his opinion: the recipes were for truffles (Léo Moulin, Living and eating in Europe, 1988, p.160). As is often the case with the internet, his outmoded view can be found everywhere, even on the French wikipedia under the lemma Lancelot de Casteau, but the correct but less spectacular view is nowhere to be found. Until now."

That helps to answer another part of the queries. The original would be (Léo Moulin, Les liturgies de la table, 1988, p.160).
So anyway by this point queries 1-3 have other places identified to look at. Will have to track those down or order them. Will the answers be there? We'll have to see … this is the academic research hunt… the looking for that elusive clue.

Query 4 awaits.


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> Johnna wrote:
>> I checked PPC 15 and didn't find any notes there by Philip Hyman. I >think this may be a reference to Early French Cookery Books (NQ) which >actually appeared in PPC 5,66; Their article on Batatas appears in >4,52. I don't have that issue of Benporat's
> Which issue don't you have?  I have all of them and could check something if wanted.  snipped

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