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it is called Tride.



On Jul 9, 2012, at 5:18 PM, otsisto wrote:

> Though I have been admonished severely for forwarding things in the past and
> have been good at not doing as I do not like getting electronic a$$ chewings
> but I'm going to be bad this once and I am forwarding this to see if anyone
> can help.
> De
> -----Original Message-----
>      Hello All,
>      Andrew Zimmerman was in Fez, Morroco and was given a dish to sample
> that was served to visiting Kings in period. But the name of the dish was
> not mentoined. I am curious to ask if there is an equivelent recipe or name
> that can be found in or around the same region.
>      The ingrediants mentoined are:
>        Red onion
>        Saffron
>        Chickpeas
>        Broiled Tomatoes (probably not in the orginal recipe)
>        Almonds
>        Cinnamon
>        Braised Lamb's testicles
>        Noodle (this is a cross between pasta and crepes. It appeared to me
> to be crepes "chiffon-nod" or "feel-o" dough cut into ribbons)
>        The whole thing is served on a large platter and garnished with hard
> boiled eggs
>      I am also wondering of anyone else had seen this episode and became
> curious about the recipe.
>      Like I said, there may not be an exact recipe in period for the
> ingrediants mentoined. But there must be something similar. Dishes tend to
> travel around in some form or another.
>      Helena Panier

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