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In a Pickled Salad, from The English Housewife, by      Gervase Markham,
1615: Your preserved      sallats are of two kinds, either pickled, as are
cucumbers, samphire,      purslane, broom and such like, or preserved with
vinegar, as violets,      primrose, cowslips, gillyflowers of all kinds,
broom flowers, and for the      most part any wholesome flower whatsoever.
/ Now for pickling of sallats,      the are only boiled, and then drained
from the water, spread opon a table,      and a good store of salt thrown
over them, then when they are thorough      cold, make a pickle with water,
salt and a little vinegar, and with the      same pot them up in close
earthen pots and serve them forth as occasion shall      serve.

Pickled, from Delights for Ladies, Sir Hugh Platt,      1609: To preserve
cowcumbers all the      yeere: Take a gallon of faire water and a pottle of
verjuice, and a pint      of bay salt, and a handful of greene fennel or
Dill; boile it a little,      and when it is cold put it into a barrel, and
then put your cowcumbers      into that pickle, and you shall keep all the

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