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Sayyeda al-Kaslaania samia at idlelion.net
Mon Jul 16 11:27:34 PDT 2012

Pickling the flowers? Do they hold up to the process, or turn canned 

Sayyeda al-Kaslaania

On 7/16/2012 5:17 AM, Ian Kusz wrote:
> In a Pickled Salad, from The English Housewife, by Gervase Markham,
> 1615: Your preserved sallats are of two kinds, either pickled, as are
> cucumbers, samphire, purslane, broom and such like, or preserved with
> vinegar, as violets, primrose, cowslips, gillyflowers of all kinds,
> broom flowers, and for the most part any wholesome flower whatsoever.
> / Now for pickling of sallats, the are only boiled, and then drained
> from the water, spread opon a table, and a good store of salt thrown
> over them, then when they are thorough cold, make a pickle with water,
> salt and a little vinegar, and with the same pot them up in close
> earthen pots and serve them forth as occasion shall serve.
> Pickled, from Delights for Ladies, Sir Hugh Platt, 1609: To preserve
> cowcumbers all the yeere: Take a gallon of faire water and a pottle of
> verjuice, and a pint of bay salt, and a handful of greene fennel or
> Dill; boile it a little, and when it is cold put it into a barrel, and
> then put your cowcumbers into that pickle, and you shall keep all the
> yeere.

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