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The Compleat Anachronist is just out, so it may not have hit their page yet, but it should. I got my copies last Thursday. But if you are into Carolingian food, you won't find much of anything new to you there. I was just using a collection of the generally known sources and lots of speculation. There isn't enough room in one of those to go into much detail on so broad a topic.

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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 22:04:36 -0700
From: Patricia Dunham <chimene at ravensgard.org>
> yeah, where please? I've just been hunting madly and can't find anything like that 
> Professor Carlin's page refers to the Eberhard and Inntal papers, but there is no 
> other ref to Volker Bach on her page.
> There are 3 Volker Bach translations (Eberhard, Inntal & Konigsburg) at the 
> Florilegium, FOOD-MANUSCRIPTS section. but those are all 15th C.

Volker/Gianno's three manuscript translations are also on my website, with a few corrections and updates, which i think are not in the Florilegium versions.

Can't help with the location of his Carolingian CA, sorry.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
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