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lol, that's awesome!

It looks like an interesting salad, too. Do you happen to know if she meant that there should be equal parts apple and zucchini, ore two parts apple (one part granny smith and one part fuji) and one part zucchini? While I generally dislike horseradish, this might be interesting to try.

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I sampled an amazing "slaw" this past weekend at a picnic. Made by a 90
year old.  Her recipe:

"Take equal amounts of granny smith and fuji apples and zucchini.  Shred
them up.  Take about a quarter of the amount you did the other stuff and
make that horseradish.  Shred that up.  If you want to make the kids eat
turnips, heck, add a couple of those in and shred them up.  Mix it all
good, and make a dressing of some olive oil and honey with those nasty rye
bread seeds in it. Mix it up good before you pour it on the shredded
stuff.  Then mix the whole thing up good.  Just before you put it out,
sprinkle some crunchy salt on the top."

It was really good.  I just had to share the recipe though.  How many times
have we seen ingredients and method like this....  :-))


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