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I would take it as equal parts of both apples, and zucchini.  From a
distance it really looks like sauerkraut.  :-)  I would probably put in
carrot for color.  I am going to try putting it together for our lodge
picnic next month.  Maybe parsnip.  Garnished with crab apple rings.   One
must have a hint of color....


On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 10:05 PM, Tre <trekatz at yahoo.com> wrote:

> lol, that's awesome!
> It looks like an interesting salad, too. Do you happen to know if she
> meant that there should be equal parts apple and zucchini, ore two parts
> apple (one part granny smith and one part fuji) and one part zucchini?
> While I generally dislike horseradish, this might be interesting to try.
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> I sampled an amazing "slaw" this past weekend at a picnic. Made by a 90
> year old.  Her recipe:
> "Take equal amounts of granny smith and fuji apples and zucchini.  Shred
> them up.  Take about a quarter of the amount you did the other stuff and
> make that horseradish.  Shred that up.  If you want to make the kids eat
> turnips, heck, add a couple of those in and shred them up.  Mix it all
> good, and make a dressing of some olive oil and honey with those nasty rye
> bread seeds in it. Mix it up good before you pour it on the shredded
> stuff.  Then mix the whole thing up good.  Just before you put it out,
> sprinkle some crunchy salt on the top."
> It was really good.  I just had to share the recipe though.  How many times
> have we seen ingredients and method like this....  :-))
> Aldyth
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