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Fri Jun 1 13:11:08 PDT 2012

Talana wrote:
> Synchronicity strikes: I was trying out a new Middle Eastern restaurant yesterday, and
> wouldn't you know it, their baklava was made around a rod. I hadn't seen that before.

Was it actually made around a rod?

Or was it just the kind in which the layers of phyllo are laid flat, the filling is sprinkled near one edge in a long line, and then it is rolled into a cylinder, baked, and cut into more-or-less finger long pieces?

A quick google suggested that the cylindrical kind is common modernly in Turkey and Greece, whereas the flat layered kind cut into diamonds or squares is more typical of Syria and Lebanon and, i guess, Iran, where they use fewer layers.

There's also a Moroccan pastry called Hancha which is made with a thin pastry like phyllo called warqa, that is filled with crushed almonds, rolled into a cylinder, baked, and cut into slices - very similar to a period Lauzinaj i made a long time ago using modern phyllo rather than yufka or uber-thin ruqaq.

Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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