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Sat Jun 2 14:57:37 PDT 2012

Wow! Wish I could luck into something like that. I'd wanted my
grandmother's cookbooks, but Uncle Herman sold them at a garage sale
when she went into the nursing home- my aunts and I nearly murdered
him. Books and notebooks full of old, old German recipes, especially
her baking notes...
 Be sure to pass on the good stuff, yes?
 On Fri 06/01/12  6:46 PM , V O voztemp at yahoo.com sent:
 I just have to say something!!!  I went to a garage sale today, and
the lady had a BUNCH of old recipe holders and cook books.  I got
three tubs full of books and boxes for $15.00.  So far they have been
Goldmines of stuff!!  Books like The Encyclopedia of Cooking Cir.
1953, 1940's church cook phamplet with great recipes, 28 recipe boxes
and books that are stuffed full of clippings and handwritten recipes,
 I am sooooooo excited to go through all of these!  
 Just had to share with people who would understand, SOme people
think I am nuts to be excited about something like this.
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