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I should rather call it a terrine not a foie gras, I mean the foie
gras is a pate, very smooth, and the morteruelo I ate in Cuenca had
another consistence, you could not have it as a spread.
In the morteruelo the meat was very chunky and you could discern it
was different meats, in despite I was not able to identify them :)
Ana with fond memories from Cuenca, where we ate in a restaurante
hanging from a mountain,

On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 1:00 AM, Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ana Valdes  wrote:
>> Is morteruelo made off liver? I ate it only once, in the beautiful Middle
>> Age city of Cuenca, in Spain, and I could not decide which the ingredients
>> was, it was oats and fat and the meat was jellified. Maybe as a kind of
>> haggis or the Swedish p?lsa. Ana
> The traditional ingredients for moteruelo from Cuenca, which happens to be
> regarded as the best in Spain are:
> 1/2 wild hare or rabbit
> 1 partridge
> 1/4 hen
> 1/4 serrano ham
> 1/4 pig liver
> 1/4 panceta (bacon)
> 300 gr breadcrumbs
> 150 cc olive oil
> salt
> pepper
> paprika
> caraway
> ground cloves and cinnamon
> Could that be qualified as foie gras or not?
> Suey
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