[Sca-cooks] Somewhat OT: Historical Household Names using Food

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Thu Jun 14 23:11:37 PDT 2012

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The name was rejected as the heralds couldn't find any documentable proof of
any households in period using food as a name.

De: Could they have meant to say that they couldn't find any documentation
for the pineapple as a household name?

I seem to remember reading about a household that was named after a
pomegranate... But I can't remember where I read about it. I think it was
Italian. I hate it when my mind just remembers odds and ends, and I can't
link them up for real usefulness.

De: SCA wise, there are only 49 registered households. It would seem that
most households do not register their name and usually with the
unregistered, the head of the household registers the device under their
name and not the household if they register at all. As for an Italian
household in period. Households were named after the head of the household.
It would be a coincidence if the name translated into a food item and not
that the household would name themselves after a food item. There is a slim
chance that you saw/read - food/household but possible, I mean I have seen a
surname that translates into drinking glasses and the surname Cucinotta
which translates (AFAIU) into kitchen. Hope this makes sense.

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