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There are several kinds of jerky-like dried meats documented in Arabic language cookbooks. Most are meant to be cooked, however, not eaten as is, the way modern jerky is. In the Moroccan variety, khlii, the meat is dried then packed in fat for storage - the Moroccans seem to have a fondness for aged fats, viz. smen, which is butter, often with herbs added, put into jars and buried or stored in a cool-ish dark place, often for years, before being savored.

There was one kind of meat, however, in Ibn Sayyar that was to be eaten dried. The very thin slices of meat were wrapped around sticks (i suppose dowels would do today) and IIRC - i don't have the book here where i am - they were put on a tray in the bottom of a tannur and very slowly heated until dry and crispy.

I'll look up the recipe tomorrow and post it.

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