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>Here's an English version for the walnuts It's almost an after thought.

Rumpolt has one too, in the middle of the Confect chapter between dates
boiled in sugar, and gooseberries in syrup.  This is also for very early
walnuts, that have not developed a shell  yet.

There's an Italian version too, more or less concurrent with Le Menagier:

“Dell mele bullito co le noci, detto nucato: Togli mele bullito e schiumato,
con le noci un poco peste e spezie cotte insieme; bagnati la palma  de la
mano coll' acqua et estendilo; lassa freddare a dà a mangiare. E puoi ponere
mandole e avellane in luogi di noci.”
“Of honey boiled with nuts, called nucato: Take honey boiled and skimmed,
with nuts that have been a little crushed, and spices, cooked together;
bathe the palm of the hand with water and spread; let cool and take and eat.
And you may use almonds or hazelnuts in place of nuts.”

It's pretty good made with hazelnuts. 
(don't do the thing with your hand that it says, by the way)

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