[Sca-cooks] OT - cheesecake texture question, regional??

Crandall 4fooles.matters at gmail.com
Sat May 5 14:59:18 PDT 2012

I only know of two schools of cheesecake:
The smooth almost solid pudding/custard type and the (German) more
cake like texture. I say German, because when I was stationed there,
that was the type I found.
Neither are heavy, sweet, or sticky. I had some German style with no
crust, however if there is a crust, it should not be bland. I like the
crust to have a bit of citrus, either lemon or lime, even if there is
no citrus in the filling. The crust does not have to be sweet. Pieces
of fruit in the filling seem to go better with the cake type filling
than the smooth. Cheesecake should not need topping, unless it is
cracked, which means it was not cooled correctly. Though a cracked
cheesecake tastes the same as one which is not.


On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 2:44 PM, Patricia Dunham <chimene at ravensgard.org> wrote:
> I just had a run-away morning by myself, 8-), and did something I NEVER do! I bought something at the Saturday Market food court! I "never do" this because I'm OLD and $5 or $6 or $7+ for a pig-in-a-poke ... I usually can't bring myself to gamble so much money, even if the opportunity only arises a couple of times a year!
> Anyway, I tried the local-legend-hippie-dippie-cheesecake booth! Well, the originator may not have been a hippie, but this cheesecake has been at the Market, and the Country Faire for like 30 years!  I was on my own, and having trouble making up my mind what to try, so... D*'s Espresso Cheesecake.
> Unfortunately, I was NOT impressed. But fell back on my childhood clean-yr-plate, and current "but you paid $5 for it, OF COURSE you're going to finish it" frugality...
> IS THERE A SCHOOL OF CHEESECAKE where the filling is SUPPOSED to be thick, heavy, gooey, gluey and heavy, did I say heavy? Heavy. I may not eat again today.
> The bottom crust was well made, pretty, but not very flavorful; the filling was mildly coffee flavored but had the texture issue, there was a chocolate-like 1/8 inch top layer that may have had some mild coffee hint to it... The 3 chocolate-covered espresso bean decoration seemed just a tiny bit stale?
> It was all at "room temp" of course, a sunny but cool day. Not absolutely STICKY sweet, but like only 5% tart? Not nearly what I expect, say, from M*'s cheesecakes, which are much lighter and ... sorta' cleaner tasting? M*'s are more like 15-20% tart-factor.  Of course, my M*'s cheesecake slice memory is at least 20 years old by now! (M*'s is a local, this-town-only-but-professional bread bakery & fancy pastry place that has been in business at least as long as D*'s booth.)
> SO! IS there a real school of thick gooey gluey sweet cheesecake? vs. lighter, airier, not so sweet? Or is this just specific to D*'s, and the folks who like it, like it that way?
> thanks!!
> chimene
> (oh, I also DID score the hazelnuts-in-shell I was looking for at the Market, tried a taste of their ground hazelnut pesto-- I have NEVER tasted pesto in 64 years, but just bought myself a plant. All I could taste was the garlic in it. We'll see. AND I did get to "Free Comic Day" in time to pick up the Serenity sample, yay, 8-))
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