[Sca-cooks] American Substitution and Translation- this is probably OT

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On a side-note...(and many of you may know this already) - I recently learned that hops weren't the only thing used for flavoring beer. In fact, earlier period beers didn't use hops, they used a combination of other herbs. I was looking for a beer (or Ale, actually) to use for a recipe at an upcoming event and found a place that sells some beers flavored with gruit instead of, or along with, the hops. They definitely give a different flavor. (The guy at the store was even nice enough to look up the combinations of herbs generally used in the gruit so I could see if it was something I may need to worry about as far as some of the allergies that our group has.)

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I had some imported Russian Kvass at a local restaurant- it was an
interesting taste; that seemed like beer, but there were no hops(ie not
bitter) so, looked it up online; turned out it was for many years the
equivalent of soda-pop in Russia, until coke finally built some factories
there and started getting in on their market share..
Not helpful; but another factoid to use, I hope. KM

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