[Sca-cooks] Minor rant - allergies and following directions

Elzbieta Traidenyte elzbieta_traidenyte at live.com
Tue May 8 11:30:48 PDT 2012

I have been successful with a 2 part attack.

1.) Prepping anything involving gluten in advance, and only prepping gluten involving recipes that day (for example - flatbread was made, frozen and then only had to be warmed at the event) and avoiding unnecessary gluten in other recipes (as you said, avoiding breadcrumbs, choosing gluten free ingredients when available and a reasonable substitution)
2.) Creating a "Gluten Free Zone" in the kitchen - an area of counter that is architecturally separate from the remainder of the kitchen space where all of the recipes that are being modified to be gluten free (ie. gluten free flatbread or cookies) are prepared, and nothing else is allowed in the zone.  Serving utensils were placed on designated paper plates to avoid cross contamination.  

I know that we've used these techniques for at least 2 local events and have been successful in feeding our GF friends without making them sick.


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> I have a followup question: What kind of accommodation can be made for
> people who are GF when you don't keep a GF kitchen?  I don't mind putting
> something together for someone who can't do gluten, but since it's not how
> we live, I worry that I'm going to make someone sick through
> cross-contamination.  This would be a case of making GF pasta in a clean
> pot that has been used to make regular pasta in the past not stirring a pot
> of regular pasta and then using the same spoon to stir the GF pasta.
> As more of my friends and acquaintances are going GF for a variety of
> reasons, I'm feeling out the boundaries so I don't make someone sick.
> Odriana
> who wishes that dairy were a less restricted item for her than it is.
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