[Sca-cooks] Minor rant - allergies and following directions

Laureen Hart lhart at graycomputer.com
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If one is a true Celiac I totally buy into the extreme tolerance guidelines.
If your doctor just says "avoid gluten as you may not process it well" I
don't see it. 
Someone posted it very well a while back - Gluten intolerance is the current
"in" syndrome, just as Lactose Intolerance was 10 or 15 years ago. This is
not to trivialize 2 very real medical issues. It is just that there are a
lot of self diagnosed, or casually diagnosed people out there. 

One of my teen age nieces was having skin problems and the doctor told her
to immediately cut all Dairy, Gluten, Sugar (other than honey), and Eggs out
of her diet. No skin or blood tests were performed. She was to begin the
regimen all at once rather than cutting one item at a time. It didn't seem
like a well thought out treatment plan to me. 


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Bad, m'kay?

The celiac process that does permanent damage does it in microscopic 
increments. Each flare the patient has does progresesivly more and more 
damage until the intestinal lining is so damaged it mo longer works to 
absorb nutrients. This is why each little flare caused by contact with 
gluten is seriously bad.

Think of it as how a rechargable battery dies - each time it is cycled, 
it becomes less and less able to hold a charge. After x number of 
cycles, it is finally dead and there is nothing you can do to reuse it a 
next time.

So yes, celiac people don't just *need* to avoid, gluten, it is a dire 
necessity that they avoid even a smidgeon of gluten.

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