[Sca-cooks] Thermomix is the "flying car"

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri May 11 17:33:00 PDT 2012

Aruvqan wrote:

> Yes way. When the wonder appliance dies in 10 years, after you have 
> disposed of all your other appliances. you are stuck with the 
> microwave and take out until you can get it repaired/replaced
Sorry to be so far behind responding -
i am telling you my thermomix in 30 years has been in the shop once to 
fix the blades. That took less than 48 hours to fix. My family did not 
have to go the shrink for that.
How many machines do you have that you would not need had you have a 
thermomix that can be repaired?
I figure at the rate of $1400 for 30 years the thermomix today costs me 
$46.60 per year. In 10 years that would be $466 dollars. How much do you 
spend on all the machines the thermomix includes over the same period?
Basically it comes down to - do you want cheap plastic or do you want 
sturdy German machines that give you your moneys worth?
Mind you I am not trying to sell any brand or machine but personally I 
prefer Thermomix over Kitchen Aid. I have had Kitchen Aid with all the 
attachments for 20 years but don't use it now because of the thermomix 

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