[Sca-cooks] Thermomix is the "flying car"

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Fri May 11 19:53:11 PDT 2012

On 5/11/2012 8:33 PM, Suey wrote:
> Aruvqan wrote:
>> Yes way. When the wonder appliance dies in 10 years, after you have 
>> disposed of all your other appliances. you are stuck with the 
>> microwave and take out until you can get it repaired/replaced
> I figure at the rate of $1400 for 30 years the thermomix today costs 
> me $46.60 per year. In 10 years that would be $466 dollars. How much 
> do you spend on all the machines the thermomix includes over the same 
> period?
I do my blade related stuff with a cutting board and a knife [size of 
knife depends on what I am cutting], I make my bread by hand in a bowl 
and a loaf tin and oven, I have a food processor I have not taken out of 
the cupboard in 10 years. I have a blender that i use to make slushy 
drinks. I had a stick blender, but haven't touched that in about 15 
years. Last time I made my potage puree des haricots I ran it through a 
food mill, and last time I needed to powder galengale I used a mortar 
and pestle. I make soup in a pot on the stove or wood stove, and i 
microwave cold leftovers to heat them up.

Ask Phlip, she lives with us.

I will admit to a vacuum sealer and sous vide, and a foreman grill 
[though last I checked we haven't used the foreman grill in about a 

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