[Sca-cooks] Allergies for waterbearers to worry about???

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Wed May 23 02:12:49 PDT 2012

Hi Stefan,

There was LOTS of discussion years ago when AnTir had to revise water-bearing practice. I wasn't a participant, so don't remember much else about it, or what solutions were devised. Besides making it totally "unofficial", because people who had put many years and lots of heart into the service REALLY didn't want to just drop it.

Lots of people are sensitive or allergic to lots of things. My DH, for example, is allergic to vinegar (ascetic acid) -- he's about as allergic to this as he is to formaldehyde. a pain, no pickles, no Sekanjabin, no lots of stuff!  He's also sensitive to rose something -- he can't use Vitamin C from rose-hips, no rose-hip jelly, no rose oil or rosewater; no rose anything, perfume (his scalp peeled once from a shampoo with rose scent; and rosewater made his palate peel, before he figured it out.) he CAN do manufactured ascorbic acid for Vit.C.  He's OK with CITRIC acid (oranges for example), but just doesn't LIKE them. 

?? I don't understand why you'd have to not have oranges for anybody, just because one person can't eat them? Couldn't you just keep the oranges in a baggie, or the not-oranges? not period, but would avoid cross contamination? rather than dumping multiple kinds of slices all in one bowl? I really don't know how this is currently being done. Can't the baron just not do the fruit at all? 

LOTS of people are sensitive to bleach, and chlorine is a well-known carcinogen! depends partly on if your water chlorination is from Cl gas (old-fashioned but it off-gasses out over time); or chloramines -- which do NOT off-gas OR break down (we have to put break-down stuff in the pond water so the skeeter-eater fishies don't get poisoned). Putting laundry bleach in water and then sharing bottles doesn't seem like a very good method; I hope it's not local practice. As my DH opines, carrying a bucket and dipper around and filling personal, individual cups would be fine, and would prevent ANY interpersonal cross contamination. Of course, the fighter would have to have a cup on his belt, or a squire to carry his cup. but if he had a squire, he shouldn't need publicly provided hydration anyway-- what are squires for, eh?

IMHO, chimene

On May 22, 2012, at 10:35 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:

> I asked a question on the Trimaris list and got this reply and another one which mentioned the orange allergies as well.
> I'd never heard of either an allergy to oranges or bleach before. I can see where avoiding cross-contamination with oranges could be difficult.
> I'd hate to have to eliminate oranges at waterbearing

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