[Sca-cooks] Allergies for waterbearers to worry about???

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Wed May 23 05:43:50 PDT 2012

On 5/23/2012 1:35 AM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> I asked a question on the Trimaris list and got this reply and another 
> one which mentioned the orange allergies as well.
> I'd never heard of either an allergy to oranges or bleach before. I 
> can see where avoiding cross-contamination with oranges could be 
> difficult.
> I'd hate to have to eliminate oranges at waterbearing.
> I can easily imagine being "allergic to"/offended by certain Florida 
> orange industry spokespersons, but to oranges??? Maybe this is 
> confined to Trimaris/Florida. Unlikely.
You can be allergic to anything with protein in it so I see no reason 
someone couldn't be allergic to oranges. You can have chemical 
sensitivities - I actually do have one to bleach if it is fairly 
concentrated *however* I got it through working with it in 
concentrations of over 10% [common household bleach is from 2-5% as a 
comparison. It can be found in concentrations of up to 22% but that 
tends to be for very specific industrial applications.] It expresses 
itself in what appears to be an asthma attack.

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