[Sca-cooks] Looking for Recipes for Seville Orange Peel

Craig Jones drakey at internode.on.net
Mon Oct 8 19:46:22 PDT 2012

Looks great... Not sure where I'm going to find civet tho :)
Perhaps a perfume supplies...


> >From Martha Washington's Book of Cookery
> To make orringe lozenges
> Take preserved orringe & leamon pill minced small, of
> each one cunce; sugar candyed, ye quantety of A
>   nutmegg; ye powder of ye lesser cardemondes &
> carraway seed, of each ye weight of 2 pence; musk &
> civit, of each ye weight of 2 granes; fine sugar
> dissolved in rosewater, 5 ounces.  mingle these well
> togeather over ye fire, spread them on a silver plate
> & cut them into lozenges, & soe let them coole.
> Side note according to Hess the twopence weighted about 3 grams or 1/9 of an ounce.  The weight of a grain is 1/7000 of a pound avoirdupois.  It is the weight of grain of wheat.
> To candy orring pills
> Take Civill orringes & pare them vry thin. then cut
> them in little pieces, & lay them in faire water a day &
> a night, & shift them evening and morning. then boyle
> them, & shift them when the water is bitter into
> another water, & continew this till the water & boyling
> hath made tem soft & yt theyr bitterness be gon. then
> dreyne ye water fromthem, & make a thin sirrup, in
> which boyle them a pritty while.  then take them out &
> make antoher sirrup a little stronger, & boyle them a
> while in ye .  then dreyne ye sirrup from them, & boyle
> another sirrup to candy height , in wch put them.  then
> take them out & lay them on plats on(e) by one. when
> they are dry, turne them & then they are done,
> Hope this helps.  The book has a number of recipes for preserving oranges and lemons whole.
> Daniel

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