[Sca-cooks] Looking for Recipes for Seville Orange Peel

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When all is said and done, the quickest place to locate recipes on an ingredient
is using medieval cookery.com. In this case you can search under orange and turn up a variety of recipes.


You'll have to decide on what you are aiming to create.
Do you want wet peel sugared suckets or more dried candied peels or peels with sugar crystals?

Actually there is wide variety of quality in terms of peels depending on where the fruit is coming from, variety, time or season of year, etc. This is true at least here in the states. It varies too depending on if you cut all the pith away or leave some and if or how many times you boil or rinse the peels before candying. Or if squeezing the oranges and using the peels pith and all-- that will vary from type to type and batch to batch. How many times do you boil the peels; how bitter they are to start with? 
This am I'll offer up a different Elizabethan recipe from those already suggested. This one is for whole oranges in case you want to forgo the juicing. 

Taken from A Closet for Ladies and Gentlevvomen. Or, The Art of Preseruing, Conseruing, and Candying. Entered in the Stationers Registry 1 September 1602 and Printed for Arthur Iohnson, 1608. My edited and annotated edition of this work appears at medievalcookery.com.

[9] To preserue Oranges and Lymonds.

TAke your Oranges and Lymonds large and well coloured, and take a raspe of steele, and raspe the outward rind from them, then lay them in water three dayes and three nightes, then boyle them tender and shift them in the boyling to take away their bitternesse, and when they bee boyled tenderly, take two pound of sugar clarified with a pint of water, and when your syrope is made, and betwixt hot and cold, put in your Lymonds and Oranges, and there let them bee infused all night, the next morning let them boyle two or three walmes in your Syrope, let them not boyle too long in the sugar, because the rinds will be tough, take your Lymonds out and boyle your Syrope thicker, and so when it is colde, put them vp and keepe them all the yeare.


On Oct 8, 2012, at 9:50 PM, Craig Jones wrote:

> I've just scored a heap of Seville Orange Peel... I'll keep and freeze the juice for recipes later but I want to use the peel...
> I do remember the ex-wife years ago making suckets from the peel, but for the life of me, I cant find a recipe...
> Anyone able to help?
> Drakey - 340 days accident free...

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