[Sca-cooks] Which recipe website do you recommend?

Katja katjaorlova at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 09:53:30 PDT 2012


My short question:

If you upload and organize your recipes online  -- and you do *not* have a blog or personal indexable website like medievalcookery or godecookery -- what recipe website do you recommend, and *why*? What works for you, what do you like, what do you not like?

I'm investigating and comparing online recipe sites and other sites, and my criteria are:

* Easy to upload or enter information (I'd prefer not to enter ingredients & amounts in individual fields, since that will take eons longer)
* Website has a reasonably high degree of stability and is expected to still exist in five or so years (I don't want to spend the time entering recipes just to have the site close down in a year)
* Some searchability and organizational functionality, at least on name of recipe
* Open to the public and does not require other people wanting to use these recipes to join/sign up/pay to search for and print off/download a recipe

The back story:
My mother died earlier this month after a brief but acute bout of leukemia. She was a phenomenal cook who made bread nearly every day of her life and taught breadmaking through adult ed and private sessions in her home for the past 40-odd years. 

Besides her 45-year-old two-oven six-burner Vulcan stove (which is disassembled in my garage until I can renovate my kitchen to install it), I also brought home her recipe box. (Yes, those were the only two things that were truly precious to me --- can you tell I'm a cook? <gentle smile>)

So, I have this huge box containing *hundreds* of 5x7 recipe cards of all the breads, cookies, pies, cakes, and international cuisines she merrily explored for the past 60 years.

Since so many family, friends, and neighbors in her town would LOVE to have her recipes, I've decided to share them online in a (hopefully) permanent location.

Rather than just paste them one by one into individual pages on my Yahoo website, I'm looking into recipe sites or archives like GoogleDocs to make it 1. easier for me to upload them and 2. easier for folks to find them.

So, suggestions, please?

Many thanks for your thoughts,

OP, OL, Baroness (retired), happy cook & dancer

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