[Sca-cooks] medieval ketchup followers

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Sep 3 18:18:59 PDT 2012

<<< ??? couple of things. when I google "medieval spanish" I don't get anything with recipes until your blog comes up. do you have an url for this site with ketchup? 

also, I WOULD sign up to follow, if I could figure out how. cross my heart, I tried. we do have a google account and I did get signed on to THAT, but couldn't see or figure out how to "follow".

anyway, good luck, chimney >>>

I agree. I couldn't see how to "join" in the past. This time I did see something about becoming a follower. The only account I have, of the ones listed, was my google account, which I seldom use. I *think*, I *might* have managed to sign on. Okay, it looks like I did.

Not being into or knowing much about the latest social media craze, I have no idea of what "Follow publicly
This site will be added to your Friend Connect profile on all the sites you've joined. You can also see updates on your Blogger Dashboard." really means.

I'm not quite sure what this "follow" means. But if it gives me reminders when something new has been added, it might be helpful to me. A RSS feed might be more useful to me, though. I'm afraid I'm barely finding time to keep new files edited for the Florilegium, so I don't spend much time browsing the web.

I would be less concerned about how many followers you have than the fact that you are coming up first in some searches. The Florilegium, for instance, no longer seems to come as far up in searches as it used to.

I am wondering though, whether the Safari browser on my Mac under Mountain Lion is displaying your site properly. The first sentence that I see is "butcher shop or slaughter house. In Madrid, it is thought that the oldest was in the Plaza del Arrabal, which today is part of the Plaza Mayor." The first portion looks like something was lost.
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