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On 9/4/2012 3:13 PM, lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:
>   Her regular doctor was a complete incompetent and had not properly treated some continuing problems of 9 months standing. In fact, he hadn't examined her or given any tests. It turned out she had a very advanced case of cancer. The oncologist said she might last a year, but although my brother and i thought she would go sooner, we thought she'd last until around Xmas or New Years.
> But within a day or so of arriving in Philly, i got a call from my brother that our mother had taken a turn for the worse. My daughter and i flew to San Diego and spent a week sitting by her deathbed. Now she is suffering no more and we flew back to Philly.
Terribly sorry for your loss. May that doctor be infested with pinworms 
for the rest of his life.
> You can have it in bowl,
> you can have it in a bun,
> you can have it over fries,
> you can have it over a steamed potato (microwaved),
> you can have it in a wrap,
> you can have it over a hot dog,
> you can have classic over spaghetti,
> all in various permutations -- with or without cheese or beans or onions --
I am now having a Dr Suess moment ...

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