[Sca-cooks] Little Black Zambo

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 16:33:31 PDT 2012

Daniel wrote:
>    Suey:
> As you are not American you may not realize it but the title of you post Little Black Zambo is likely to be considered by many here to be racially offensive in the extreme.
> Daniel
Thank you for your concern but I have yet to understand that this story 
can be interpruted as racist.
To me the moral of the story goes beyond skin color. In my case, I feel 
like that little person being chased by tigers for not pleasing their 
whims. When little, my parents were the tigers sometimes for I could be 
quite naughty; growing up my teachers were the tigers biting at my 
heels. Now some of my public makes me tremble.
My husband has been a professor. Sometimes he has stayed up all night 
preparing lectures.
When asked why, he explained that as his students were more intelligent 
then he was trying to prepare the best he could.
Be we Anglos, Saxons, Germans, Orientals, Latins or whatever are all 
little Zambos at the end of the day in Smallville, Main Streat, the 
pueblo or in "big time" as my son exclaimed when he arrived as an 
employee in New York, New York!

Now I have gone off deep end with my getting bent out of shape. As 
superior and very intelligent adults, the issue should not be mincing 
such petinesses but clarifying, upholding ideas and theories scientifically.

I shall stop here to prepare a second message in an attempt to get to 
the root of the matter  - what is queso fresco/fresh cheese and how can 
we deal with it properly when attempting to recreate medieval recipes?

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