[Sca-cooks] Non-Julia and Juliet Living

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 15:24:58 PDT 2012

otsisto wrote:

> I can't believe the ketchup story! Surely if you had kept looking you
> should have step on Coca-cola for marinades, french fries as a side dish
> and chocolate ice cream for dessert
Thank you for your compliments, really I should keep a log on Non-Julia 
and Juliet Living. Yesterday, my Chilean girlfriends and I had lunch at 
the Central Market in Santiago. There are loads of fishmongers there. I 
was very interested as I needed real tuna fish for a blog the week of 17 
September (http://www.medievalspanishchef.com/). The local supermarkets 
have canned tuna from Japan just like Spain . . .

Yesterday, I combed the area. Stand after stand told me that Chilean 
tuna is exported. That which stays is too expensive for them to sell.  
They, therefore, do not touch it. Finally spotted a large tuna fish 
lying on ice staring at me! I started photographing him from every side 
and bought 1 kilo of the meat - looks like a beef roast. It cost $19. I 
flipped but what can I do?

The Spanish saying is "serve a dead cat and tell your guests its a 
rabbit." - Joking aside, rabbit was my second mission. In that same 
week, I have to produce a medieval recipe for rabbit. My Chilean friends 
tried to find rabbit for me in the Central Market to no avail. I went to 
the Central Train Station cause behind it they sell ducks, geese, 
rabbits, chickens and roasters . . . They were selling baby live rabbits 
at $8.50 a piece! I found that expensive as well and flinched at the 
thought of bringing a baby rabbit home to fatten up and then who would 
kill it - the cleaning woman or me? - icky pooh! - What would my cats say?

I checked out internet and there were a few offers to kill wild rabbits 
and bring them to you. Like snails, I suppose you must have to order a 
minimum like 20 kilos. The rabbit hunters charge a price per kilo of the 
rabbit, plus VAT and transport. It doesn't say whether they will skin it 
for you or not. I am sitting here thinking rabbits overrun the 
countryside. Hunters should pay us for offering to pay their bullets! - 
My husband can't shoot a fly. My father-in-law would send him out to 
hunt up game for the family's Valencian gazpacho at the end of summer 
when all the relatives came to the family estate to celebrate the 
harvest. Every year for as long as my father-in-law lived the gazpacho 
consisted of rabbit cause my husband is such a lousy shot! My 
sister-in-laws said the gazpacho was better when we didn't come cause my 
father-in-law would bring in varied game as he was an excellent shot!

Finally today, a friend called me. She found frozen rabbit in a 
supermarket! - It cost $19 the kilo!  At this rate I shall have to 
change my last name to Apicius who committed suicide cause he went broke 
preparing meals for his cookbook in the 4th century!

Peter is dethawing out on the kitchen counter. I am too exhausted to 
bring out the kettles for him and Flipper's buddy who is sitting in the 


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> This Saturday, Elizabeth and I are doing one of our cooking workshops,
> mostly recipes from al-Warraq. We're in San Jose, California, and it
> occurred to me that there might be someone on the list close enough to
> be able to come who was interested, which is why I'm posting this.
> The workshop starts at 1:00, runs through the afternoon. If you plan to
> come, let us know, so we'll know how many recipes to have ingredients
> ready for. email or 408 244-3330.

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