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Suey said:
<<<  Finally spotted a large tuna fish 
lying on ice staring at me! I started photographing him from every side 
and bought 1 kilo of the meat - looks like a beef roast. It cost $19. I 
flipped but what can I do? >>>

For fresh tuna that might be about the same as the price in the US. Although perhaps what I've see in is "sushi grade".

<<< In that same 
week, I have to produce a medieval recipe for rabbit. >>>

Are your schedules set so firmly that you can't modify them for seasonal availability?

<<< They were selling baby live rabbits 
at $8.50 a piece! I found that expensive as well and flinched at the 
thought of bringing a baby rabbit home to fatten up and then who would 
kill it - the cleaning woman or me? - icky pooh! - What would my cats say? >>>

The cats would probably say "Better him than me!"  Where's that tuna?

I still think about the gimmick, I think I heard about on this list. A guy was selling baby rabbits just before Easter. Then some time later, about the times the families were getting tired of the rabbits or wondering just what to do with the now much bigger rabbit, he would re-appear and offer to take the rabbits off their hands.  Then he would slaughter them and sell them as rabbit meat, having gotten someone else to pay for fattening up his rabbits and essentially selling them twice!

In the Florilegium:
rabbit-dishes-msg (72K) 3/24/12 Period rabbit and hare recipes.

Also a file on butchering a goat, but nothing specifically on butchering rabbits.

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