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According to my scientist husband - yes, cooking will destroy the plague
organism but the question remains as to whether cooking destroys the toxins.


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> 1.  September has an R in it (sure they are not confusing the do not eat
> oysters unless month has a R in it, although the "frozen north" probably
> has hard freezes in September and April... I grew up in Phx so we didn't
> 2.  How recent is recent?  in 1977, there were 2 HS students in Ash Fork
> AZ, out shooting rabbits, and got plague...and the warnings about plague &
> rabbits is still out there  (what works against fleas?) (Does cooking
> destroy the plague organism?)
> And how scary is it to think about it still being around, was it prevalent
> world wide or brought by the European settlers...
> Arianwen ferch Arthur
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> ...  Settlers have a story about not eating or killing rabbit unless
> the month had an R in it.  I haven't been able to find a credible source
> for a positive moderately recent plague bunny source, but many with prairie
> dogs and squirrels.Aldyth
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